Hello! My name is Elisha Meadows-Biland. I am the owner and Graphic Designer behind Lucky Cat Design Company.
We have a brick & mortar store in Gallipolis, Ohio – a small town located along the beautiful Ohio River. Our store can be found in the historic downtown area, just a block away from the river and right across from our iconic Gallipolis City Park. I am proud to say that my roots run deep in both southeastern Ohio and West Virginia.
The “Lucky Cat” name was inspired by a gold lucky cat statue in an office where I used to work. This mascot of sorts started out as a silly gift that was passed around at employee Christmas parties.
When it landed in the office window, we quickly realized that it made people smile… it’s fun and unexpected! People, especially kids, loved to see this little gold cat waving in the window. Historically, this type of statue is known as a maneki-neko or a Japanese beckoning cat. It is a lucky charm believed to bring good luck to whoever owns it. The most common lucky cat color is white, followed by black, and then gold. A white lucky cat is said to bring happiness, purity, and positive energy. The luckiest of all is said to be the calico, a black cat is meant to lure away evil spirits, and a gold cat is for money or good fortune.
Lucky Cat Design Company offers graphic design services along with our own line of t-shirts, apparel, accessories, and more. T-shirts are an American Classic loved all over the world. Both comfortable and fashionable, a t-shirt tells your story. Who doesn’t love a great t-shirt?
I realize that this isn’t the whole story but that’s because I’m still writing it. I hope you will follow along on my journey with the Lucky Cat Design Company.